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15 Unique USA Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Go Beyond the Card and Flowers

You don’t need to go overboard to show your mom just how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day- but it’s better if you do.

Fear not, this does not mean your bank account will be suffering from a hefty dent, it just means getting creative with your gift ideas!

We know that picking out a gift for your mom that shows just how much you care can be as difficult as telling the difference between orange and tangerine, so we’ve broken it down for you based on interests, so you can get the gift that truly speaks to your mother’s heart.

To get started, do you consider your lovely Mother to be a:

For The Foodie…

There’s nothing a home chef would love more than a little recipe roulette, and that’s exactly what Dinnerly offers

For just $5 per serving, this meal subscription service delivers all the fresh ingredients needed for the no-fuss recipe of your mom’s choice, so that weeknight meals can be as hassle-free as your mama’s love.

For the more seasoned chef, Martha Stewart’s very own meal delivery service, Martha & Marley Spoon offers over 18,000 innovative recipes to choose from, with vegetarian and gluten-free options too! 

For The Cold Feet Contessa

We don’t mean pre-wedding jitters; we’re talking actual cold feet. Give your mom the ultimate relief from frosty toes with these fluffy heatable slipper boots.

 Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and, voila, it’s an oven for those freezing feet! 

Couple them with this heavenly soft cashmere scarf and you’ll have her feeling toasty warm all year round. 

For The Tea Lover...

Not only does this gorgeous tea set from Thoughtfully make for the ultimate tea-nthusiast’s dream, but it’s also a reminder to slow down and appreciate the present. 

Combining the tea and spices in the beautiful pestle and mortar, creating customized flavors in the teabags, and using the hourglass timer to let the tea reach its peak steeping, your mom will go from tea drinker to connoisseur in no time. 

For The Glam Mom...

If the number one woman in your life has an insatiable taste for the finer things in life, then your Mother's’ Day gift has to have a little shine and sparkle to it!

The Latish Flower Pendant from Swarovski Mother’s Day collection is a timeless way to show your mom some love while complimenting her glamorous style in the process.

For The One Who Wears The Pants...

This one’s for every mom who has ever proven Beyonce right by showing that women really do run the world. These leather ankle boots from Pure Collection will make every step she takes feel like she’s on top of the world- and let’s face it, that’s exactly where she is.

For The Adventurer At Heart… 

While, yes, calling your mom a ‘homemaker’ wouldn’t be a lie, what with her building a fully-functioning kingdom within those four walls we all call ‘house,’ it doesn’t mean that’s where she’d like to be 24/7.

If your mom is more thrilled by a plane ticket to the Galápagos Islands than she is by a diamond necklace, then skip the trip to Tiffany’s and go with this sturdy yet chic genuine leather backpack

With enough pockets and compartments to match any backpackers’ needs, she’ll be all set for her next adventure. 

For The Spa-goer…

There are those who do a mask now and then, exfoliate when they remember to and go to the salon for special occasions, and those who remember their spa appointment date more clearly than their own anniversary. 

If your mom is the latter, then there’s nothing better than bringing the pampering experience right to her own comfortable home with Trophy Skin’s RejuvadermMD, which buffs away dead skin cells to give way to a radiant, glowing face.

Top it off with Temple Spa’s Truffle Collection, a luxurious skincare range that uses gold and black truffle extract to give the skin the TLC it needs.

For The Fab At Fifty...

What could possibly be better than opening up your mailbox only to find a box of (beautifully packaged) mysterious goodies?

Beauty box subscriptions have been all the hype for years now, and it’s about time your mom gets the gift that keeps on giving. 

Glossybox’s themed monthly boxes are an absolute treat, and their Mother’s Day special, valued at over $200, is sure to bring tears of joy to your glam mom’s eyes. 

For an upgrade, FabFitFun’s quarterly box will bring Christmas day to your mama’s mailbox four times a year with full-sized, premium products, including everything from high-end beauty products to fluffy pillows, luxurious candles, and even sleeping masks. 

For The Multi-tasking Mommy…

Sometimes, holding down the fort is more than a one-woman job. 

If your mom is a master juggler of her career, home life, and social life (teach us how!), then she’ll love taking a break from regular household chores and handing them over to Cleanly instead- and it’s all done through an app! 

Just schedule a pickup, and a Cleanly representative will show up, freeing time to do what’s really important in life.

And Finally, For The Puppy Mom...

Puppies are life’s little bundles of joy- there’s no argument about that. That’s why it’s really no surprise that your mom treats her Golden Retriever like a her own flesh and blood.

If your mom needs a day off from caring for her puppy baby, then what she really needs is a trusted helping hand- that’s where a membership at Trusted Housesitters comes in handy. She’ll have access to hundreds of pet sitters to free up her time to take care of business.

Meanwhile, she can finally draw that bath, put on her favorite playlist, and let her troubles melt away with the help of this Stress Relief relaxing candle from Bath and Body Works. 

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