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90’s Revival: Six Sunglasses To Get You Onboard 2018's Trend Train

Written by Lara El Sergany 

The 90’s have been making their comeback in fashion for quite a while now. Go on, take a look in your closet: if you see an oversized denim jacket, mom jeans, or platform boots, then congratulations, you’ve been nineties-fied.

But despite all the denim-on-denim and Vans Old Skools that you may have acquired over the past few years, something still felt missing- until now. 

2018 has finally blessed us with the magic touch: the micro sunnies. If you’ve scrolled down the feeds of anyone from the Hadids to Kylie Jenner, or watched Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s psychedelic ‘One Kiss’ music video, you’ll undoubtedly have seen them rocking the tiny, cat eye sunglasses. Usually slid way down their noses, looking glam and fabulous and unquestionably 90’s… but doing nothing in the way of protection against the sunshine. Who cares though, when you’re looking this good?

With the trend wrapping its hands around our exciting times’ summer months (and beyond), we’re bringing you our very own editor’s picks of the best micro sunglasses to protect your eyes and power up your style.

Cat Eye Acetate- Gucci, £260 

Remember when Ray-Ban aviators were THE go-to sunglasses that just had to have? Well, the tiny cat-eye sunglasses are here, and they’re taking over the number one spot.

Slim Cateye Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters, £14

If you want to take the cat-eye smoulder up a notch, these miniscule sunglasses from Urban Outfitters are here to give you the perfect accessory for when you pass by your crush and want to give them the over the glasses appreciation glance in style.

Yellow Flash Oval Lens - Ray-Ban, £145

If the cat-eye look just isn’t the one for your face shape, then, fear not, you don’t have to veer off the style train. Instead, you can keep a fairly classic shape like these oval sunnies from Ray-Ban, and play around with the lens colour instead. Psst... Yellow, orange, and pink are the ones you want to go for. 

Proto Riddim Gold- Crap Eyewear, £70

Speaking of coloured lenses, this pink pair from Crap Eyewear is a subtle beauty that goes with any face shape or size. Beware, you can’t discretely stare at your bae from afar with these on- they’ll surely see your peepers.

Outta Love Oval-frame - Le Specs, £40

I remember my mum having a pair exactly like this classy Le Specs one while growing up, which automatically makes these my favourite ones on this list. The soft shape means it’ll suit almost all face shapes, and the caramel coloured frames are a welcome change to the standard black. 

Extreme Small Fashion Round Glasses - Asos, £14

These sunglasses from Asos’s own designs are for those who have no fear of being a little out there. Perfect for festivals, pool parties, or for whenever you want to look a little more fabulous- on a budget!