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Alexa Review

What’s more all-knowing than the walls of a library? If you’re wondering what that has to do with Amazon’s Alexa, I’ll let you in on a fun little fact: Amazon’s AI helper actually got her name from the ancient library of Alexandria in Egypt!

The one difference between the Alexandrian library and the automated assistant is that your thousands of books could never tell you what the weather outside is like, nor order you an Uber.

It’s fair to say that Amazon really hit the mark in its development of Alexa and her accompanying smart speakers. Imagine walking into your home and turning on the lights, ordering your extra cheesy pizza, playing music, and and calling your mom- all without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket, or even touch a button!

By saying one of Alexa’s magic words (“Alexa”, “Computer”, “Amazon”, or “Echo”),

But with brilliance come great responsibility- and a whole lot of confusing choices.

Do you need an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, or are you better off getting a regular old bluetooth speaker?

You need Alexa if:

You’re a smart home convert. If you’re so over flipping light switches, trawling through google for answers to your burning 2am questions, using a button to turn the volume up when your favorite song comes on shuffle, or picking up your smartphone to call your grandpa on his 87th birthday.

Alexa is one smart assistant. The best thing about the Alexa-enabled speakers is that they’ll pick up your commands and act accordingly. The voice recognition on Amazon’s smart devices is unmatched by any other home assistant, making your experience seem seamless.

You can skip the Alexa purchase if:

All you want is to play music louder than you normally would from your phone or laptop. While you could still use your “Alexa” trigger power to skip songs and turn the volume up and down, there’s a lot of untapped potential you would leave unused if that’s all you used it for.

Whether you’re after the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus, find the best prices right here!