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Catching Zzz’s - 5 Incredible Pillows To Help You Get Your 8 Hours Every Night

Written by Lara El Sergany 

Not sleeping enough is literally shaving years off your life. I’m serious, it was even in the news

While everyone is off blaming phones, Netflix and coffee on your lack of sleep, I’m getting down to the real culprit: your pillow. If your sleep situation is lumpy, uneven, and unsupportive, how could you be expected to get some shut-eye?

That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a guide of the five best pillows I’ve found online to help you catch the zzz’s you deserve- you can thank me later. 

Simba Hybrid Pillow (£95) - Not too hot, not too cold

With the summer months kicking in, everyone experiences a night (or ten) of night sweats- and trust me, they ain’t pretty.

Instead of having to flip your pillow back and forth in constant search of that sweet cold spot, this temperature regulating pillow from Simba uses Outlast technology, duck down, and nanotubes to give you layers of comfort, coolness, and uninterrupted sleep.

OSTRICHPILLOW Light (£25) - Nap no matter where

If you have to hop on a train at ungodly hours every morning to get to work, then this portable pillow from OSTRICHPILLOW is undoubtedly going to be your new best friend. 

Whether you’d rather slide your hand in and have a little nap on your desk, or set the microbead-filled pillow on the train window rest your head as you whiz to work, this pillow is a total winner for the napper on the go. 

Tempur Original Support (£96) - Sidestep the side sleep pain

Side-sleepers, rejoice! This pillow from Tempur is literally designed to make sleeping on your side as comfortable as it can be.

Its shape is scooped out to fit your head, neck and shoulders perfectly so that your body stays level throughout the night to avoid neck injuries. It’s also made from viscoelastic, which helps it retain its shape so you don’t have to keep fluffing it to give your head the support it deserves.

The Kally Pillow (£49.99) - From cuddles to cloud nine

I’m a self-proclaimed sleep cuddler. If I don’t have my arms and legs wrapped around something while sleeping, I know I’ll be waking up multiple times throughout the night. 

If you’re anything like me, then the Kally body pillow is the lifesaver you’ve been waiting for your entire life. The hollow fibre interior lets you roll it around whichever way you want to get the sleeping position your body’s most comfortable in. 

Who needs a partner when you can have a human-sized pillow?

MILLE OREILLERS Buckwheat Pillow (£80) - Nature’s got your back (and neck)

Sometimes, the real solution to all your aches and issues is in your kitchen cupboard. No, I don’t mean that jar of Nutella that you could eat to numb the pain (although that might help), I’m talking buckwheat!

This pillow from Mille Oreille is not filled with cotton or feathers like all the other run of the mill pillows. Instead, it’s filled with organically-grown buckwheat, which is said to dissipate the air perfectly to keep your head cool during the night.

It’s also lauded for its ability to adjust to the shape of your head, and not sag or flatten out after a few hours. If curiosity doesn’t get you hitting that buy now button, then maybe the promise of nature-approved comfort would!