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Compare Pet Insurance

If you’re a pet owner, there’s a 99.9% chance that you consider your cat, dog or parrot as part of your family. That’s why when your favourite four-legged member of the family suffers an injury, or gets diagnosed with an illness, it can break your heart- and your bank too!

Pet insurance is the perfect way to have your animal buddy covered from harm, while also covering yourself from having to pay an extortionately expensive bill.

Choose from four main types of pet insurance: 

Accident-only: The cheapest insurance plan out there, accident-only insurance gives you exactly what it says on the tin: insurance that covers your pet only in the case of an accident. 

Time Limited Cover: This insurance plan covers your pet in instances of both accidents and illnesses, but it does so for a certain amount of time only.

Condition-based Cover: There’s no limit on the illnesses and conditions this plan covers, but there is a limit on a maximum spend per condition. 

Lifetime Insurance: This is by far the most comprehensive insurance plan you could get for your beloved pet, combining both illness and accident covers for the entirety of your furry friend’s life.

Why you should compare pet insurance providers:

Paying for more than what you’re getting is something everyone wants to avoid at all times. Comparing pet insurance plans and providers gives you the chance to do just that, potentially saving you a whole lot of money for the services best suited to your needs.