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Eat My Dust—4 Vacuum Cleaners Worth The Price Tag

Written by Sarah Rodrigues

An explosion of crumbs across your floor is bad enough, but hoovers are necessary for far more than just these obvious disasters. Household dust, which accumulates via what we bring in from outside, what we do inside, plus the objects - and pets! - we have in our home, needs to be cleaned up for reasons of health as well as of aesthetics. A wine cellar coated in a thick film of dust looks evocative and desirable; a living room floor, not so much. 

Dusting is, of course, one way to remove (redistribute?!) household dust but that’s not going to do the job on your floor. Hoovers aren’t an inexpensive item, but they are necessary, so choose wisely. 

Upright or cylinder? 

A cylinder vacuum looks more old school and is generally cheaper than its modern day, upright cousin, as well as being lighter and quite compact. Uprights have ease of use on their side - plus they are easy to store and useful for dealing with different angles and areas of the house. 

Bags of choice

Hoovers with a bag are a great choice for people with respiratory issues or allergies, as all of the nasties picked up via the hoover’s suction are tightly contained in a bag, which can be emptied in its entirety. The downside, however, is that the cost of buying new bags is added, over time, to your initial outlay for the hoover. Bagless hoovers involve quite a bit more of a sneeze risk when you empty them but, on the plus side, they often incorporate a clear canister or window so that you can see what’s being sucked up - ideal if you can’t find that favourite earring! 

Shark Duoclean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology

A 5 year guarantee is just the start of it - thanks to its flexible design, this amazing vacuum glides effortlessly between flooring, carpet and upholstery. An extra long cable and crevice tool allow you to really get where you need to go, while an optional Pet Power Brush will prove to be indispensable for owners of furry friends. 

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Can you even have a hoover round-up without mentioning a Dyson? We think not - these super-suckers are always somewhere at the top of their game, combining power with versatility, thanks to interchangeable heads, as well as fluid angles to access hard-to-reach spaces. 

Sebo Automatic X7

This upright isn’t a cheap option, but could more than earn its outlay over time, with its innovative tech incorporating a Computer Control System, which ensures that the brush is always at the optimum cleaning height. An integrated wand facilitates reach, while an automatic shut-down in the event of a blockage protects the motor.

Miele Blizzard CX1

Miele’s first bagless cleaner has a variety of models to suit your needs, ranging from one designed to tackle parquet floors to another that’s designed with pets - well, their fur that is - in mind. A telescopic tube and long hose makes it ideal for all heights and spaces, while a single cyclone design ensures less noise. British Allergy Foundation approved, the machine’s filter is self-cleaning and the canister is easy to empty.