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The Hottest Interior Trends of 2018 According To Pinterest

Written by Rebecca Channing

Summer is here and despite the weather being indecisive of late, the subject of the best home decor for 2018 is set in stone. If you’re not too sure where to start, Pinterest is here to help with the hottest interior design trends of 2018.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the go-to website for all your quirky, unique and crafty needs, and their latest home room decor choices do not disappoint; from the 70s inspired terrazzo tiles, to the matte metallics, it’s time to get your hands on the interior of your home!


The trend that keeps on giving - contrary to belief fringing is not purely for the catwalk (or your grandmother's salmon pink knitting stool). As of recent fringing has styled its way into the interior design world, and climbed it’s way up on the Pinterest interior category - gaining itself a huge 275 percent rise in saves. If you want to make your room a little more fabulous and funky, throw in a fringed pillow, or lampshade!

Geometric Shapes                 

It’s time to add a bit of 'dynamicity' into to your living space. Geometric shapes are insanely popular among interior designers right now - and it’s easy to see why. Geometric shapes can create a bold and interesting aspect to your decor without being overpowering. The most popular piece being the geometric accent table - which is up more than 500 percent on Pinterest this year!


According to Pinterest metallics are on the rise - again. From Gold sinks, rose gold tables, to black matte fittings, the metal game is really hot on the interior trend right now - so it’s time to take your decor design game to a whole new level of spick and span.


It’s no secret that terrazzo is back - and it’s bigger than ever! Who’d have thought this much loved 70’s decor trend would creep itself back into our homes, but according to Pinterest, users have been pinning it up to more than 300 percent on their saved list. Whether you’ve always fancied a bit of terrazzo floor tiling, or a terrazzo quartz encrusted bathtub - now’s the time to do it.

Botanical prints

Summer has brought back the botanical prints, and according to Pinterest, botanical prints have increased with a 114 percent rise in saves (with no sign of stopping). These floral prints are perfect for every room in the house - either create a calming space with printed bedding or brighten up a room with a botanical feature wall!

Framed Plants

Pinterest is now showcasing the idea of framed plants in their latest trend in interior design - and it’s pretty great. The pressing plant's craze has seen a rise of more than 350 percent in saves on Pinterest already this year. The framed plants are enough to brighten up any interior space and better yet if you’re not savvy with gardening these pretty plants can’t die!

So whether you’re more of a framed plant or geometric furniture kind of person - Pinterest has got you covered.