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The Latest Fashion Trends That No One Saw Coming

Written by Rebecca Channing

Taking denim jacket to a whole new level. 

Fashion trends change more than the seasons, so it’s no surprise that during these times, they bring about some very weird trends that no one was expecting.

We all remember the bucket hat phase that had us silently judging people who wore them and reminiscing on Kevin and Perry - yet it wasn’t long until Rihanna was spotted sporting one that it became the newest must-have trend to hit the fashion world.

This year is no exception to the wonderful, and slightly weird fashion trends that have already hit our Instagram feed. From socks to tops - these are the latest fashion trends we really didn’t see coming.

Denim Jacket Tops

The newest fashion trend has seen people using their denim jacket as tops. This may seem pretty normal and workable - but the cutting-edge trend is so much more than that.

People have been re-working their classic denim jacket into a cute (and uncomfortable looking) bandeau crop top. Many high street retailers, such as River Island and ASOS are now selling handy mini denim-jacket style tops that are seeing people buttoning up their jackets and using the classic denim jacket sleeves as a chic belt by tying it around their waist. Rihanna has been spotted wearing a similar style - so it’s really no surprise it’s become a popular trend.

Sheer Socks

Sheer socks are hands down the cutest fashion trend of 2018. Much like the beloved fluorescent trend - this summer style is too pure not to like. We must admit, even though they aren’t very practical, they do look pretty paired with some chunky black heels or studded pumps.

Invisible Jeans

Women’s fashion has been through a lot, it’s true, but this latest fashion trend really looks like it’s been dragged through a bush a few too many times. Invisible jeans have hit the world, and honestly, we weren't ready. Even though these are pretty unsightly - Kendall Jenner has been pictured sporting this latest style so it's only a matter of time before they become big.

Though, not to be confused with plastic jeans - the invisible jeans showcase jeans being cut to within an inch of their life with just tiny strands of denim remaining.

If you want to recreate this look yourself, grab an old pair of jeans and cut until nothing’s left except for the waistband, the hem, and the side seams.

Small Sunglasses

Back in the day, it was all about big framed circular sunglasses - nothing screamed celeb status than hiding behind a thick pair of shady glasses. Though this latest fashion trend has said goodbye to the much-loved Mariah Carey style glasses, and hello to tiny doll-like shades. We’re not sure how practical this latest trend is, but we must admit it’s growing on us.

Women’s fashion will forever test the limits when it comes to styling out the latest gear, but one thing's for sure - we won’t be investing in the invisible jeans any time soon (sorry Kendall).