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Make Your House a Home With These New Must-Buys

Written by Rebecca Channing

Anyone can buy a house, but not many people can call it a home. Whether it's from lack of personal presence or no sense of belonging, here are a few must-have products to make you feel more at home in your own house.


Photographs of you and your loved ones is a foolproof way to make your house feel more like a home. The memories are what makes life, so it’s only right we capture them and plaster them all over our walls. Though it's time to say goodbye to the typical boxed frames and hello to the more stylish way of showcasing your photography with hanging photo displays. You can buy one for as little as £20 from John Lewis.


Candles are the go-to product to make a house feel more like a home. We often associate memories and feelings with smell - so having a familiar smell in your house can quickly make you feel safe and secure! Yankee Candle is never short on supplying an array of different scents, so you can find the right one to suit you.

Some Greenery

Bring a breath of fresh air into your home with an indoor terrarium. These mini greenhouses are hot on the market right now and with there beautiful and quirky style it’s no surprise they’re popular among interior designers. Get your own for as little as £20 from Dunelm.


Lightboxes are pretty on trend right now, and not only do they add a subtle glow to your room - you can also leave a heartfelt personal message on them too! Pick one up for £5 at Urban Outfitters.


There’s just something about having a huge array of cushions on your bed or sofa that makes it feel like home. Whether you’re a fan of slogan covers or geometric shapes - cushions can really bring your decor together. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful cushions, Primark is never short on a selection - and better yet, they always have bedding and accessories to match!


Rugs are the underdogs of interior design, they can really bring your room together without distracting your eye from the decor. To make your house a home, add a rug to conjure that cosy feeling we all know and love. Ikea really has it all when it comes to rugs so you will be spoiled for choice.


My mother always said a house doesn't look lived in until it has some fancy artwork on the wall. Whether you’re into quirky illustrations or classic renaissance paintings, artwork can really brighten up your interior and give it a sense of personality.

Why not support some local artists and buy their illustrations and artwork from Etsy - or if you’re not feeling their work - paint them yourself for a more personal touch!

Bricks and shafts make a house, but what you put in it makes a home - and who’d have thought a little indoor terrarium would do just that.