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Objects Of Desire: 5 New Interior Products To Make You Swoon

Written by Sarah Rodrigues

Looking for a sassy way to update your interiors without having to do an all-out revamp? Look no further - some of this year’s newest launches and collections have everything you need to revitalise your living space. 

Cool carpet collaboration 

Timorous Beasties have long been adored for their dramatic range of wallpapers and textiles; Brintons are revered for their traditional approach to carpet making and their signature 80/20 blend - 80% wool and 20% nylon. Put the two together and what do you have? The dream collaboration. The resulting carpets are fantastically beautiful: dubbed The Craigend Collection, it features nine designs inspired by what we find underfoot in nature. Coast & Shale, for instance, uses an aerial view of cliffs and coastline, with colours drawn from the shifting blues of the ocean and the contrasts between the grey rocks and their vivid algaes - or for a more traditional look, check out the embroidery-inspired Ruskin, with its delicate floral design. 

Bouncing off the walls 

The release of a new Arte collection is kind of a big deal - production methods for their wall coverings are so intricate and painstaking, that designing a new range can easily take in excess of a year. This year’s Focus collection is geometry at its most stylish and beguiling, with relief patterns and use of light and texture bringing geometric patterns to life; there are seven patterns in the collection, three of which are multi-coloured and four monotone. The effect? Jewel-like and mesmerising. 

Scandi cool 

The relationship between fashion design and interior design has become increasingly entwined in recent years. Swedish based, London-trained designer Lisa Hilland has always had a love for both and this inspired her to create the Torso chair, which will be launched in September. Combining wood and metal with the tactile contrast of a woven leather back, the chair has been designed - like a torso - to be dressed to enhance your own decor. Practicality and space-efficiency are key in the design too; the chairs can be readily stacked, giving you maximum floor space after dinner.

Modular love

Who doesn’t love a bit of IKEA? And who doesn’t love a design collaboration? The Swedish giants of self assembly and space efficiency have teamed up with design guru Tom Dixon to create a modular seating plan that recognises the need to adapt the notion of comfort to our increasingly compact lives. The design, named Delaktig - the name means ‘involvement’ - is sleek and stylish, with an aluminium frame and detachable upholstery. Is it a bed? Is it a sofa? Doesn’t matter - it looks great, feels great and is an incredibly versatile addition to your living space. 

Bold bathing

Forget a quick splash with cold water and a rub with a cloth - increasingly, we’re looking to make our bathroom experience as indulgent and sensuous as possible, often by way of striking materials and textures that mirror those found in nature. Cue Heritage Bathrooms’ incredible new freestanding bath, which features a crocodile skin effect on its exterior that’s guaranteed to add an exotic edge to your bathroom. Answer the call of the wild and accessorise with lush plants and rich colours.