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Picking out a ring on a budget is harder than proposing - here’s how to nail it anyway

There are really only two scenarios that could lead to you looking up engagement rings: either you’ve decided to take your blossoming relationship a step further, or you’re about to drop major hints that it’s time to take things a step further.

While there’s a miniscule, tiny, negligible chance that I may be wrong about the above statement, one thing is certain: engagement rings are expensive. Like, break the bank kind of expensive.

So how can you give the girl of your dreams the gorgeous ring she deserves without going into some serious debt? 

1- Compromise on the metal (not the size)

One thing that people always forget is that you can chip off a lot of the cost just by choosing an alternative metal for the ring. While platinum rings are the most coveted for their durability, they’re also the most expensive. Instead, you could opt for a white gold ring, which shines brighter than platinum and is significantly cheaper too!

2- Compromise on clarity (not cut)

To the untrained and un-knowledgeable, it may sound like going for a ring with lower clarity is more catastrophic to the overall brilliance of the ring than going for a baguette cut instead of an oval cut. The truth of the matter is that lowering the clarity by a little is not noticeable at all to the naked eye. Going for a less brilliant cut, on the other had, really is. 

The good news is going for a lower clarity diamond can actually help you save up hundreds, if not thousands, so it’s a win win situation- and your bride-to-be still gets to have her beautiful princess cut. 

3- Compromise on carat (on color)

While, yes, a diamond may very well look as clear as anything on its own, a “dirtier” jewel could look embarrassingly yellow next to a clearer one. 

On the other hand, a clever trick that many do is take the carat down a notch so that it’s not an even number. Going from a 1-carat or 2-carat diamond to a 0.95 or a 1.95 one can end up saving you a ton of money without actually changing enough for the ring to look any smaller.

While this may be hard to find in preset rings, you’ll have a much easier time finding one as a loose diamond instead- and you’ll even save 5-15% if you go for a loose diamond than you would pay for a preset ring!