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The Top Summer Inspired Fashion Must-Haves

Written by Rebecca Channing

We’ve dug out the sun cream, put on our shades, and flattened out our woven hats; summer is here and we’re pretty excited. With the sun comes the holiday season we’ve all been waiting for, and judging by the winter we had to endure - snow and all - we feel like we are entitled to enjoy some sweet sun rays.

It’s fair to say you can never have too many clothes - despite your wardrobe bursting in protest, and with the new summer air, it’s only right that we give it a breath of fresh air with some summer inspired must-haves. To make your search easier, and to give you a little bit of inspiration, we’ve put together a few top summer inspired fashion buys that everyone should have this season - better yet they won’t break the bank too much!

Cream Pom Pom Trim Basket Bag


Beach bags are the ultimate summer accessory, and this woven basket bag is a summer must-have. You can pick up your own from New Look for just £19.99.

ASOS Small Pointy Cat Eye Sunglasses


The latest fashion trend that has hit social media are tiny sunglasses, and honestly, they’re pretty cute. These pink pointy cat eye sunglasses from ASOS really take that trend to a whole new level and will compliment any outfit - better yet they’re only £12!

Packable Weave Mix Floppy Sun Hat


Nothing screams summer like a floppy weaved sun hat, and this classic one from John Lewis will guarantee you look stylish whilst staying protected from those harmful sun rays- and it’s only £26! 

Embroidered Mesh Overlay Bodysuit Dress


There isn’t a better duo than embroidered flowers and sheer mesh material. This dress proves the combo is perfect for summer with it’s delicate and lightweight material. Better yet it's only £37.99!

Blue Striped Button-Through Midi Dress 


Midi sundresses have never failed to hit the summer style on the head - and this blue striped button-up dress from Urban Outfitters does not disappoint in capturing the lightweight beach vibe.

White Lace Embroidered Beach Cover Up


A summer-inspired fashion list cannot be complete without a beach cover-up and this beautiful white embroidered cover-up from River Island is a must-buy. The lightweight material is subtle enough to compliment any outfit you chose to wear underneath it, without being too busy on the eye.

Lucien Wedges


Sandal wedges are the shoes of the summer and these stylish floral cut-out wedges are perfect for a stroll in the sun. They come in two colour choices, black and cognac, and they price up at just £8.75!

Daisy Split Swimsuit


It's all about the retro look this summer, and with this daisy print split swimsuit from Topshop you will be sporting all kinds of style - and it’s only £20!

So whether you’ll be jetting off to sunny Spain or strolling through the streets of London, we can all agree on one thing: you can’t go wrong with a good basket beach bag.