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Compare The Best SIM Only Deals (SIMO)

SIM Only Benefits For Consumers

  • Keep your phone and get a cheap SIM card only contract 
  • 4G SIM deals available on all 12 month contracts
  • Most providers offer unlimited text and minutes with greater flexibility

Compare SIM Only Providers

As the cost of the latest mobile phones increases exponentially (see the whopping price of the new iPhone X!) more and more mobile users are switching to SIM only contracts at the end of their current deal. Previously mobile users would look to upgrade their handsets every 12 or 18 months as new exciting handsets with incredible new features were released on a regular basis. 

As the pace of technological development has decreased (is the iPhone 8 really much better than the iPhone 7? or the Samsung S8 vs the S7?) we are seeing mobile users hang onto their phones for longer and this is driving demand for SIM only deals. Below we offer you the benefits and a compare the latest SIM only deals from BT.