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Why Terrazzo Has Made a Comeback

Written by Rebecca Channing

Marble is out, paving the way for a new interior design trend.

Interior designs come and go like the wind, and it’s often hard to figure out what’s hot right now. Last year marble was set to becoming the next big thing, and it was fair to say you couldn’t walk into a shop without the marble effect hitting you right in the face  - pen and paper included. This year, the interior game has taken a page from the 70s decor trend book and brought back the much-loved terrazzo.


Terrazzo originated from ancient Italy back in the 15th- century and was a popular way of using up old broken pieces of marble remnants. The name terrazzo comes from the Italian word for terrace and despite the lavish and luxury finish, it’s pretty budget-friendly.

The durable surface is composed of broken bits of marble, glass, granite, and quartz, which is then set in clay, epoxy resin or cement before being sanded down to create a smooth patterned surface.

It’s no secret that terrazzo was very popular back in the 70’s with many buildings sprinkling their floors with the pattern. The 70’s decor trend saw many schools and supermarkets incorporating the classic polished terrazzo into their floor tiling. So it’s no surprise that the design world has brought back this iconic style - but not without adding a modern flare in its wake.

Why is it back?

It’s brighter, bigger and bolder than ever before - with vibrant coloured terrazzo being the new norm for room decor. The trend hasn’t just stopped at just floor tiles - this time round its added side tables, lampshades, vases - right down to the kitchen sink. 

According to Pinterest, the saves for terrazzo are up to 316% in the interior design pins - making it one of the biggest trends for 2018.

The newest trend has seen the classic tiny marble hues turning into more modern coloured shards with larger vibrant pieces of stone being incorporated into the design.

How can you embrace terrazzo in your home?

 It’s no surprise that terrazzo has proved to be popular among designers, as it’s easy to create and leaves a perfect dynamic finish. So If you want to jump on this latest interior design trend it’s pretty simple to incorporate it into your home. 

Aside from the fact it’s easy to maintain, terrazzo can be featured in any room of the house without it looking out of place. If you want the design to take center stage, embody it into your ceilings, walls, and floors for the ultimate bold look.

If you aren’t quite ready to invest your time and money into changing the floors and walls of your home, many designers have started using terrazzo as a pattern rather than a material.  There are a lot of terrazzo accessories on the market right now: from patterned blinds, door knobs, picture frames, to cushion covers. 

So hop on the bandwagon - you really won’t be stopped short when it comes to options!